Fee Structure

The fee schedule will be provided upon request. However , as fees are determined on an assignment or project basis, the fees for resources in terms of man power and other costs can be determined by the client and company through the letter of engagement.

Terms of payment

Terms of payment are set at ten (10) days from date of invoice.

Progress Invoices

Major projects are invoiced based on “progress invoice’s” which are laid-out in the letter of Engagement. Progress invoices are customized to individual projects and follow the process / status of completion of the project, as mutually agreed between Barons and the client

In-put personal or corporate tax returns

Invoicing for the in-put / completion of tax returns and associated schedules is subject to the individual forms required and the complexity of the returns.

Fees by specialty (subject to requirement and complexity)

  Data Entry   $ 50.00 per hour
  Bookkeeping   $ 65.00 per hour
  Accounting             $100.00 per hour
  Tax returns & associated schedules Subject to the complexity of the returns
  Business Intelligence     $50.00 to $120.00 per hour
  Network Administration  $50.00 to $120.00 per hour
  Software Development     Subject to the project

  Each project is unique and pricing may be a mixture of the services required.

Other costs

On site work or support includes charges for:.