Two Potato is a group of unique individuals who provide clients with solutions and successful outcomes to day-to-day business and personal challenges.

Two Potato's prime role is not to replace existing personnel within the client’s organization, but to act as a resource to enhance and assist existing personnel in allowing them to maximize their efficiency and bring their ideas to management which is often overlooked and in our view have a major positive effect on a company’s bottom line.

Mission Statement & People

Our mission is to provide services of excellence that reflect the highest standards and include dedicated professionals to meet clients unique requirements. In all relationships, we stress honesty, frankness, constant focus on our client’s wishes and adherence to the highest ethical standards of conduct. Our people are energetic, dedicated and success oriented no matter the size or complexity of any given project. Our group doesn't see problems, we see solutions! We have a large pool of experts to meet any challenge...more


Two Potato provides the tools and the support to enhance existing systems and processes, while also providing future solutions parallel to developing technology and service needs to compete in the current market. We can maximize your potential reporting on net profit and improve your overall efficiency. Our services spread over multi-departmental standards and industries offering varying business disciplines that are tailored to the client and their market requirements.. more

Fee Structure

Two Potato fee structure is based on a competitive market structure. We offer professional services of experts in their respective fields at reasonable obtainable market rates... more