Two Potato Ltd. is a group of professional and diversified individuals with over 40 years hands-on combined experience with access to senior specialists in multiple industries and government. Our team is dedicated to achieving the results that the client wants and needs to grow their business.

Who are we and what do we do?

Mission Statement

We strongly believe that working hard and going the extra distance creates its own rewards. Two Potato completes tasks and assignments while working in the background to ensure minimal disruption to operation flow; we are there when needed.

We recognize that finance & technology are the pillars that drive a business and we specialize in enhancing and applying key techniques to maximize reporting net profit and net worth in a timely manner .

As an organization, we tailor projects to client needs and specific structure for the short and long term financial benefits. Two Potato has available a dedicated team of specialists that will provide solutions to meet unique business needs in a cost efficient manner.