Two Potatoes are better than one!

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Two Potato Ltd... Who are we?

Two Potato Ltd. provides accounting and business intelligence for all varieties of business.

The main areas that make a business run efficiently are IT and Accounts. If these areas are suffer then your business will suffer.

The services we provide to our clients are specifically designed to meet their unique needs in a cost efficient manner. This in turn enables you to reduce your overheads by paying for what you need and only when they need it.

Data and Business Intellegence


In today’s business world data and information are one of the most important commodities produced by a company. Every company, no matter how small, produces information. How that data is used dictates how strong a company will be to compete for the future. As Sir Francis Bacon rightly said, "Knowledge is power!"

Mastery and organization of information can allow small and medium sized companies to contend with the corporate world by saving time, exposing flaws in strategy and identifying areas of waste.

From anything from creating a Microsoft Office documents to producing custom software to present your company's data in the format you've always desired... the list is endless!

Statistics show companies experience a sharp increase of business revenue by using web based technologies. Two Potato Ltd. is here to help ensure you're not left in the dark ages. Because our network is designed to allow us to provide you with the professional attention your business requires to take you one giant leap towards the success it deserves.



Accounting & Financial Services

Two Potato Ltd. offers Accounting and bookkeeping solutions. If your business has grown to the stage where you can no longer efficiently handle your accounts then we can help.

A wide range of Accounting knowledge enables us to do anything from Double-Entry Bookkeeping to financial statement support to allowing us to review your accounts and provide you with expert and professional advice on how your business strategy should evolve.