Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a set of development tools and techniques that use proven business paractices. BI transforms business data into meaningful and useful information that can be used internally and externally across multiple facets of business and its environment to make informative and creative business decisions. The ultimate goal is to convert data from all sources to allow business with ease to appraise, analyze and apply information created to achieve the best benefit for the company. Two Potato applies these tools to suit your unique company requirements. 

Most companies sit in a data rich and high volume environment with data scattered across multiple data sources of input and different file formats ( i.e.text, Excel sheets etc.). Existing systems apply and strain labour resources to produce reports to make management informed decisions. BI reduces intense manual labour requirements to produce the information as well as it reduces human error and mis-direction associated with a manual system and BI allows a reallocation of labour to other requirements (i.e. analytical creative presentations) . There are many tools that BI can provide to enhance, automate, improve your data management and materially improve efficiency and profits. BI is completely customizable to unique business requirements.

Two Potato provides an evaluation that is a candid face-to-face discussion with management and supporting staff with the goal to determine the existing data gathering system and what it requires to convert to a BI system that will meet management objectives. Two Potato uses this information to create a cost effective and time sensitive custom plan unique to your business requirements. This plan is created and applied upon client's approval.

Our Business Intelligence services include but are not limited to:

For more information on Business Intelligence and Terms please feel free to view this pdf.